Monday, June 18, 2018

STOP PRESS - Direct2florist - you've done it again!!

DIRECT2FLORIST is delighted to announce that it has just won the Feefo Gold Trusted Service Award for 5 years in a row!

This follows another year of excellent customer reviews received from verified purchasers.  Direct2florist has a massive 40,000 reviews so far and their service rating is currently over 96% - highlighting the winning formula Direct2Florist offers.

The Feefo Gold Service Award is an independent seal of excellence that recognises businesses who deliver exceptional customer service and products, as rated by real customers.

Simon Stirling, Managing Director of Direct2florist said . . . . .

'We are extremely proud to receive this award for the fifth year running.  Customer reviews are so important to the success of a business and to be consistently rated so highly by our online customers is a fantastic achievement.  Only the best services are accredited with the Gold Award - it's very difficult to get accreditation and it's only achievable thanks to the highest standard flowers and service provided by member florists.  The reviews come from verified customers so can't be fudged or any way.  This success is purely down to the high levels of skill, care and professionalism of Direct2florist's talented member florists'.


Created by Feefo, the Gold Trusted Service Accreditation is awarded to businesses that use Feef to collect genuine ratings and reviews for their service and products.  This badge of honour remains unique as all the awards are based purely on the interactions with verified customers.  The customer reviews are then collated by the Feefo review platform, with the accolades being awarded based upon performance.

Simon continued - 
'Everyone here would like to say a huge thank you to our customers for taking the time to review our service and products after purchasing from our website.  These customer reviews help us to continually learn and improve, while also helping other customers to make an informed purchase decision'.

Andrew Mabbutt, CEO at Feefo said 'The Trusted Service Award has always been about recognising those companies that go the extra mile.  Once again we have seen many incredible businesses using Feefo to its full potential to provide truly memorable experiences for their customers - and rightly being awarded with our most prestigious accreditation.  I look forward to the continual success of the businesses that work in partnership with Feefo throughout 2018'

If you are looking for flowers, the top member countries with Direct2florist are:-

United Kingdom
New Zealand
United States of America

Here at The Florist Tree we are proud of our independent Feefo Review rating of 99.19% represented by 136 reviews with recent reviews listed below

My friend who recently had surgery is delighted with her flowers. The lady who delivered them even asked my friend how she was! The florist sent me a photo of the flowers so I could see for myself. They are lovely. I'm very happy.
Frances - 6th Jun
Lovely flowers, arrived on time, very easy to send flowers from UK to Australia. Would definitely use again
Karen - 31st May
Customer awarded 5 stars.

  • Very efficient and quick to respond
    Amanda - 15th May
  • Due to the fact I left the order so late they managed to get the delivery done on time
    Karen - 14th May
  • Amazing so pleased thanks
    Josie - 3rd May
  • attractive bouquet left thoughtfully in the shade
    Lynda - 27th Apr
    Fantastic service.. Amazing personalised flower arrangement. The entire transaction was so easy and the results were phenomenal. If you need flowers delivered then go to the florist Tree and see Cheryl I have never received such wonderful service, It was so easy to place an order on Direct 2 florist. They. also utilise pay pal it was so quick and easy to place the order. Within minutes of making my order Cheryl, the florist from florist Tree, contacted me to ask if I wanted my flowers delivered on Sunday ( my friends actual birthday) even though they are not open Sunday so id resigned to the fact that he was going to get his flowers a day early. Cheryl also offered to make me a personalised arrangement for my very good friend. My friend was delighted to receive the beautiful flowers and it was so wonderful to be able to them delivered to him on his special day. Thank you so much Cheryl
  • Rachael - 8th Apr

  • “Absolutely beautiful flowers” - the opinion of the others recipient!!
    Joy - 26th Mar

    Fantastic experience. By far the easiest site to order flowers from Scotland to Australia. Delivered exactly when and how I asked. Picture sent to me by recipient was beautiful.
    Kareen - 16th Mar

  • Flowers beautiful & Cheryl even delivered my moms flowers on my preferred day even though I was late and I???d missed it on the website! Amazing service and flowers beautiful, super happy.
    Melanie - 13th Mar

  • Beautiful arrangement and spot on time. Excellent
    And - 3rd Mar

    Customer awarded 5 stars.
    Emmy - 1st Mar

    My mom was really happy and the images sent by the florist were exactly like the photos my mother sent. Would highly recommend this florist and service!
    Melanie - 28th Feb

  • Excellent service! When my friend was in a ward that didn???t allow flowers the florist held my order until they could be delivered.
    Karen - 21st Feb

  • My girlfriend loved the flowers and they looked terrific!
    Kirk - 14th Feb
  • The recipient was very happy with her flowers. And it was a very promt delivery
    Susan - 5th Feb

    Absolutely stunning. Thank you so much. Ordering from England to be delivered in Australia couldn't have been easier and you made them really special as i opted for ''florist to choose' My friend loved them too.Thanks again
    Jane - 28th Jan
    Customer awarded 5 stars.
    Shelley - 26th Jan
  • MUM loved the flowers.
    And - 21st Jan
  • Excellent service used on three occasions and delighted each time .
    Elizabeth - 8th Jan

Sunday, June 17, 2018

What is the Direct2Florist Movement?

About Direct2florist - the crusade to look after the flower buying public in Australia

The business of sending flowers is a surprisingly murky world full of secret commission and a serious lack of consumer control but this is not the case when sending flowers through Direct2florist.

A family owned and operated company in the UK, set up in February 2007 by florists, crystalised the idea to give customers value for money with a transparent business model giving consumers a direct connection with professional florists, to wherever in the world flowers needed to be delivered.

Florists were fed up with high commissions being taken by what are now called in the industry, 'Order Gatherers', (on-line internet call centres who take your order, deducting a large commission and distributing  to real florists to execute at a far lesser value), with customers unaware this was happening.  So in a crusade to give flower senders value for money, florist2florist, a network of like minded independent florists, exchanged orders for delivery in the UK without the customer losing any of the order value.

With florists receiving all of the money from an order, bigger floral designs for customers were being delivered and unsurprisingly, the business model grew, with a demand from customers for a website where customers could order on-line directly to the shop which would be creating and delivering the flowers.  Direct2Florist were happy to oblige and now there are in excess of 3,500 florists in 14 countries all working to the Direct2florist philosophy of offering:-

100% of the flower value of an order being delivered to the customer

Enough customer control to be able to select a particular shop where individual products and prices are displayed and with real customer reviews

The opportunity to deal directly with a real florist over the internet

The promise that the only fee paid to Direct2florist is the transmission fee, which is a contribution to website operation and promotion.

Direct2florist has revolutionised the way flower senders in Australia can order floral gifts, as a result of a different approach of putting the customers first and is the reason why Direct2florist continues to grow.

 ☆☆☆☆☆  Star ratings by customers

Customers are hugely important to your chosen florist and the star rating system ensures that the florist will do everything possible to keep customer goodwill.  After every order, the customer is asked to rate the florist out of five, with the option to add a comment.  With the rating review made public, it's in the interest of the florist to ensure every order is as close to perfect as possible every time.  After all, one bad order can harm a reputation and the good news is that the review system is managed by Feefo, an independent company collecting genuine customer feedback.

Direct2florist alternative approach

 Unlike other floral order gathering services where the prices are set for every location in a country, without local supply fluctuations and cost of delivery being taken into account, Direct2florist allows florists to set their own prices, ensuring better value for money and lower prices from the get-go.  With the customer receiving full value flowers, without commission being deducted, it's easy to see how Direct2florist is confident that it offers unbeatable value for consumers.

So, in summary - why go direct?

The customer can:-
Choose the executing florist
Get better value for money
Experience super service

Unbeatable Value -
Because size matters and you should get as many blooms possible for your money. at Direct2florist there is no middle man commission taken.

Local Experts around the World
The Direct2florist system connects the consumer with talented local florists who are members of the international network who are all ready and waiting to deliver that special floral delivery.

Same day international delivery
By connecting the consumer directly with local florists, your flowers arrive sooner.  It also means same day delivery is possible, even on the other side of the planet. That's the beauty of going direct.

Real Customer Reviews
Direct2florist invites every customer to submit a star rating and review for their chosen florist.  That means you can select a florist having read, real unbiased reviews.

The Direct2florist Guarantee
With Direct2florist 100% of the money you pay for your flowers goes to the florist - guaranteed, which means they can deliver bigger bouquets and arrangements every time, making your delivery extra special.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

The Meaning of Wedding Anniversary Flowers

Meaning of Anniversary Flowers

1st -  Paper - Red & White Roses
2nd - Cotton - White Carnations
3rd -  Leather - Bird of Paradise
4th -  Linen - Alstromeria
5th -  Wood - Bonsai/Topiary
6th -  Iron - Red Tulips
7th -  Wool - Ivy plant
8th -    Bronze - 
9th -    Pottery - Living plant
10th - Tin - Pink roses
11th - Steel - White Daisies
12th - Silk - Sunflowers
13th - Lace - Stocks
14th - Ivory - Gladiolus
15th - Crystal - Stephanotis
16th - Holloware Silver - Statice
17th - Furniture - Red Carnations
18th - Porcelain - Porcelana Roses
19th - Bronze - Bronze Chrysanthemums
20th - China - Pink and white roses
21st - Brass, Nickel, 22nd - Copper, 23rd - Silver Plate, 24th - Musical Instrument
25th - Silver - Sterling Silver roses
26th - Original Picture, 27th - Sculpture, 28th - Orchid, 29th - Furniture
30th - Pearl - White Roses
31st - Timepiece, 32nd - Car, 33rd - Amethyst, 34th - Opal
35th - Coral - African Violet
36th - Bone China, 37th - Alabaster, 38th - Beryl, 39th - Tourmaline, 39th - Lace
40th - Ruby - Red Roses
41st - Land, 42nd - House, 43rd - Travel, 44th - Groceries
45th - Sapphire - Blue Iris
46th - Original Poetry, 47th - Books, 48th - Optical, 49th - Luxuries
50th - Gold - Yellow Roses
55th - Emerald - Calla Lilies
60th - Diamond - Orchids
65th - Blue Sapphire - 
70th - Platinum
80th - Oak
85th - Wine
90th - Diamond, Emerald
95th - Diamond, Ruby
100th - 10 carat Diamond (and a Victoria Cross)

Monday, June 20, 2016

What flowers do I send a Cancerian?

Cancer - Born June 21 - July 22

Cancerians love home-life, family and domestic settings.  They are traditionalists and enjoy operating on a fundamental level.  They love history and are fascinated with the beginnings of things (heraldry, ancestry etc) A Water sign, the moon is their ruler so they can be a bit of a contradiction and sometimes emotional and moody. However they are conservative so they'll be apt to hide their moods from others.  They have a reputation for being fickle but they'll tell you that isn't actually true.  Cancerians make loyal, sympathetic friends although they do need alone time and when they retreat, let them do so on their terms.

CANCER THE CRAB - Born June 21 - July 22


White flowers, especially roses are a perfect choice, together with blue flowers such as Delphiniums, Larkspurs, Cornflowers (Centaurea cyanus), Ammi (Queen Anne's Lace), ferns, Passionflower, Hydrangea and Iris flowers,

Sensitivity is the watchword for the Crab flower sign.  Perceptive and highly intuitive to matters of the heart and the environment, they are sympathetic although highly influences by outside forces, especially the pull of the moon.  A secure home life surrounded by friends and family who love them and in turn are loved back often helps to keep them grounded and from falling prey to negative influences.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

It only takes a nibble or a lick

  • Lilies are one of the most dangerous flowers to have around cats.  It take only a nibble or a lick to send a cat into acute kidney failure, which can be fatal.
  • If you live with cats, never have lilies in the house.  When sending flowers to friends or family members with cats, specifically request no lilies.
Some plants give pets a lot of grief.  Some plants can even kill dogs and cats.  The plant that creates by far the greatest amount of misery for dogs is WANDERING JEW.    This is a lush green ground cover that grows in shady, moist areas.  If dogs lie ion it they get dermatitis on their belly, legs and under their mouth. This plant is a weed and should be carefully removed.  Many dogs get poisoned by the fruit on BRUNSFELSIAS (Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow).  These small shrubs have blue/purple flowers that turn white over a few days.  Remove an Brunsfelsias if you have a dog - especially a puppy. STEPHANOTIS, the climbing plant with perfumed white flowers (much loved for bridal flowers), also produce fruits poisonous to dogs.  Other dog dangers are DAFFODIL BULBS, OLEANDERS and human foods like CHOCOLATE, ONIONS, AVOCADOES and GRAPES.

Toxic flowers and cats

There is nothing that adds colour like a bunch of fresh cut flowers around the house.  They add a lovely welcoming touch to any home.  Cat owners should be aware that those lovely flowers can potentially be toxic for cats, especially LILIES.
DAFFODILS, for example, can cause stomach upsets, vomiting or worse if your cat eats the foliage, flowers or pods.  Other plants you may not suspect, such as ALOE VERA, can be toxic for cats as well.
Listed below are some of the many plants that are potentially toxic for cats and should be avoided.  Be especially careful with ALL LILIES.  All parts (flowers, leaves and stems) are extremely toxic to cats and have caused tragic deaths.

Flowering Plants

  • Amaryllis
  • Hyacinth
  • Hydrangea
  • Autumn Crocus
  • Iris 
  • Bird of Paradise
  • Kalanchoe
  • Lily of the Valley
  • Cyclamen
  • Narcissus
  • Daffodil
  • Poinsettia
  • Day Lily
  • Rubrum Lily
  • Easter Lily
  • Oriental Lily
  • Elephant Ear
  • Asiatic Lily
  • Tulip
  • Gladiolus


  • Asparagus
  • Plumosa
  • Lace

Indoor Plants

  • Aglaonema
  • Dracaena


  • Aloe Vera
  • Morning Glory
  • Anthurium
  • Sanseveria (Mother in Law's Tongue)
  • Arum and Calla Lilies
  • Nightshade
  • Hellerborus
  • Pussy's Ears
If your cat eats or comes in contact with any of these plants or any other dangerous items you should seek immediate veterinary assistance.  If possible, take part of the toxic plant with you for identification to assist with treatment.

Poisons information phone 131126

Monday, June 13, 2016

Ordering from a real florist

With such a plethora of online websites vying for your business, how do you know that you are ordering from a real florist and not someone sitting behind a computer terminal in a call centre who wouldn't know a helianthus from a hypertext?

It's quite difficult to identify the actual florist among the weeds of affiliate companies pretending to be 'your local flower shop'.  The best flower arrangement, best value, quality and service comes from dealing directly with a real florist who will create something bespoke just for you.

What is an Order Gatherer?  (or a FAKE Florist)

This term describes floral service marketers, both real and virtual, that aggressively promote the sale of flower arrangements and related gifts which they intend to relay to local florists for execution. They work from a call centre and may not even be in Australia.  Recently one Order Gatherer has been mentioned in the Senate with many florists not being paid.

How does this work?

When you call or place an order online, you may, unknowingly be communicating with a FAKE Florist (an order gathering operation).  They take your order and credit card details for payment and then relay your order to a florist in your delivery area.  The order gatherer pockets a processing fee and a hefty percentage of the sale as well, reimbursing the florist a fraction of the actual cost of the delivery, if at all.

Wouldn't it be far better value for your $100 investment to be used creating that wow bouquet or arrangement rather than something for $50?

What are some common practices of FAKE florists? (Order Gatherers)

  • they use misleading advertisement titles and text that confuses consumers by featuring specific city names when they don't operate local flower shops that directly service the location and where their sites fail to clearly inform consumers how these orders are serviced.
  • they use city specific website pages with text crafted to confuse consumers by targeting city names when the order gatherers do not operate shops in the vicinity
  • they use misleading phrases like 'we deliver to' when the order gatherer only relays to a local florist for fulfillment, implying a service which they do not provide
  • they may mislead you by claiming the delivery is free

Don't order flowers from the first paid advertisement that pops up on Google.  These are just some of the companies that gather flower orders from the internet and relay them on to real florists to execute and deliver while retaining large commissions.
  • Ready Flowers (now ZFlowers) as of May 2017
  • Easy Flowers
  • Sarah's Flowers
  • Meg's Flowers
  • 1300 Flowers
  • Fast Flowers
  • Teleflora
  • Bloomex
  • Freshflowersandgifts
  • Floristworks
  • Freshflowers

Tips to avoid being fooled by flower Order Gathers

  • Check the Home and About Us pages for the address of the business 
  • Call the shop - the number should be local to the state and if they answer with a name such as Flower Shop, ask for the specific name of the flower shop.  This can be tricky though because usually it is 1800 or 1300 number and many florists use only mobile numbers. 
  • Ask what is your address and if they decline, consider calling another florist.  This can be tricky too as many real florists work from studios and don't have high street shop fronts
  • Usually the business name ie The Florist Tree has the URL to match ie  In Australia you cannot register a URL without the corresponding business registration
  • Google the phone number.  If it appears under many different business names with different locations, be suspicious
  • Be aware that just because an ad or website name says City Name Florist, it doesn't mean the company is located in or actually delivers to that city
  • If following a link from a search engine ad, find the site's home page.  Order Gatherer sites often contain directory like links named after states, cities or suburbs.  Each page will appear virtually the same except for the city name.  ie some order gatherers have registered URL's for individual suburbs eg
  • Check social media pages - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest for businesss pages and confirm the contact details and look at their work
  • Check the reviews on Facebook, Blogs, florist websites, Google and Independent reviewers such as Feefo , Yelp etc
    • Order from sites with only real florists listed:- 

    Armed with all this knowledge in the future,  I hope you are rewarded with a much happier buying experience.